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BetGames is a unique, innovative and pioneering live betting games supplier. The company is based in Vilnius, Lithuania with games broadcast from their head office. BetGames has made significant and substantial strides since it was established in 2012. The company offers an incomparable product. A simple idea which connected traditional betting with popular lotteries and table games. The clarity and simplicity of it allow to enter the process even without reading the rules. Nevertheless, this is the main reason why the portfolio is often mistaken with live casino or live dealer. At first blush the company broadcast the same games we all know and love – lottery, dice and card games. On the other hand, BetGames is newly redesigned, keeping the basic and topping up with extra details. Offering huge selection of betting options while keeping the same principle as a real casino! The company suggests around 90 outcomes for players to choose from, while keeping the principle of the game in place. BetGames provides coefficients to assess various levels of risk. That is why different types of players can find the most appealing outcomes to suit their needs – conservative players can choose lower odds with the same degree of risk, while others, who are willing to risk more, have an opportunity to hit the jackpot with winnings two thousand times higher than the stake. Unlike in live casino, live games give the flexibility to play different games at the same time. After one draw you can place bet(s) on another one of the same game or follow the action with the next nearest draw of a different game. It’s multi-table effect with a possibility to try different games without losing a turn.  
The company offers:
• Innovative approach to Live dealer – offering fixed odds betting
• Cross selling between your sports bettors and live casino players
• Diversified games portfolio
• A wide selection of bet options and substantial range of risk level outcomes
• Adjustable profit margin
• Unlimited seats per game
• Multi-licence approvals
• Omni-channel solutions: online and retail
• The frequency of draws is perfect for all player needs
• Graphical UI mode for varying bandwidth speeds
• Customisable bet limits
• Different odds formats
Now we offer 12 games:
• Bet on Baccarat, Bet on Poker, War of Bets, Speedy 7, 6+ Poker, Andar Bahar, Polish Poker (these are based on the card games)
• Lucky 5, Lucky 6, Lucky 7 (games based on the lottery)
• Dice Duel, Wheel.

Products & Services

“Wheel of Fortune” is a very fast, simple & non-stop live game with clear betting options. Presenter introduces the Wheel of Fortune, spins it counter-clockwise and then spins it clockwise with a light hand stroke. The arrow on the wheel indicates the winning sector.
6+ Poker (also known as ‘Short-Deck Hold’ em’) is a poker game very similar to the popular Texas ‘hold ’em’. The game is played between two sides – the Player and the Dealer. The gameplay sees each side looking to win the best five-card poker hand from any combination of the seven cards (five community cards plus the two cards the player is dealt). Being a 36-card deck, 6+ Poker does not have twos, threes, fours and fives. This changes the probability of combinations and alters winning hands. Exciting changes include a flush ranking higher than full house, and a three of a kind beating a straight.
Speedy 7 is a live betting game, where players must predict whether the next card will be black or red, from a draw consisting of seven betting rounds. After won bet, player can cash out winning or go for bigger win and continue playing by predicting the next card. There are bonus wins for players who make four or seven correct successive picks.
“Dice Duel” is a simple real time dice–rolling game adapted for betting with a wide selection of outcomes. Two – one red and one blue dice with sides numbered from 1 to 6 pips are used in the game. The presenter puts the dice into a dice box, shuffles and rolls them on the game table. The result of the draw is the two dice combination determined by the color of the dice and the pip numbers on the top side of each dice after they are rolled on the table.
“War of Bets” is a card game involving two sides – Player and Dealer. It uses a standard playing card deck. The higher card wins. If the two cards played are of equal value, then there is a “War”.
“Bet-on-Poker” is a live game with similar rules and gameplay to the most popular poker game – Texas Hold’em Poker.
“Bet-on-Baccarat” is a real-time game with almost the same procedure and rules as Baccarat (or Punto Banco).
“Lucky 6” or “6 out of 60” is a dynamic game based on a lottery. Players are offered a wide range of betting outcomes.
“Lucky 5” or “5 out of 36” is a dynamic game based on a lottery. Players are offered a wide range of betting outcomes and winning bets can return a profit which is a thousand times more than the stake.
“Lucky 7” or “7 out of 42” is a dynamic game based on a lottery. Players are offered a wide range of betting outcomes and winning bets can return a profit which is two thousand times more than the stake.
Polish Poker is a live card game developed for STS company for Polish market.

Andar Bahar, based on a traditional Indian card game is simple-to-play, engaging and offers generous odds. Gameplay is straightforward, with a dealer drawing a card, and a player deciding if the face value of the card will be drawn on the Andar or the Bahar

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