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CreedRoomz is a casino entertainment and online gaming software provider offering live casino business solutions that allow our clients to leverage key products and services, come ahead of any competition and appeal to diverse player profiles. Our solutions are customised to match the variety of aspects that your business has, like the scale of your operation, region and player preferences.

Products & Services

CreedRoomz is an all-encompassing provider, meaning the brand has a full range of options for online casinos and land-based solutions.


It all started with game range. The catalogue includes the most popular casino games with exciting features for players that generate added revenue for operators. Types of Roulette, BlackJack and Baccarat are all time favourites. Also CreedRoomz adds a number of region-specific games, mostly with Asian focus, like Teen Patti and Sic Bo.


  • Solutions

Casino solutions by CreedRoomz range from generic offers to custom bespoke creations based on requests from business owners.


In the sphere of online gaming this is the most competitively priced gateway to business growth. Colourful thematic halls, skilled dealers, 7 languages, limits controlled per partner, bonuses and promotions – Generic Tables have everything to start a successful and highly attractive live casino business.


This so far is the most customizable and flexible solution provided by CreedRoomz. The company is ready to provide you with a custom-built live casino studio on its own secure premises. Everything can be built from zero – the size of the studio, colours, games, dealers and their attires and languages, branding on the items like gaming table and playing decks, etc.


CreedRoomz is a proud igaming industry provider with an experience of 10+ years. Game development is their business card. Aside from its own solutions, the company eagerly promotes the option of developing a game on request. The game logic, the design, the betting elements – everything is customizable and possible.


For the owners of physical casinos CreedRoomz offers a smart solution that allows them to extend their operation online. Even allocating a single gaming table and a dealer, with our technical training and setup, allows casino owners to open their own live casino website and stream the games directly from the venue. This is a relatively simple setup that doubles revenue streams.


CreedRoomz prides itself on delivering high quality video streaming and data. If an operator has flexible interfaces for players, they may request video streaming, results and a monitored gameflow only. That’s what CreedRoomz provides with this offer.


Apart from providing an in-house built website for a live casino brand, CreedRoomz also has a specialty of developing a dedicated app.

CreedRoomz is an all-encompassing provider, meaning the brand has a full range of options for online casinos and land-based solutions.

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