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Abios announces data partnership with Gambit Esports

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Gambit Esports, a Russian professional esports team with several competitive rosters in titles such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Valorant, Dota 2 and Apex Legends, has announced a partnership with esports data supplier Abios.
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The team said it had teamed up with Abios to get the esports data needed to create additional value for engaging its fans on social media.

Given its active rosters across several esports titles, Gambit said it understood that some fans might want to follow specific rosters or games, and therefore partnered with Abios to create a detailed match calendar detailing all of its upcoming matches and tournaments, divided by title.

The calendar gives fans results from past matches as well as a clear schedule of upcoming matches, which Gambit said made it easier for fans to follow all the rosters in the team.

The calendar is powered by Abios’ Rest API, using normalised data from each title. Alongside the calendar, Gambit also uses Abios data and statistics to create content for its Twitter, Instagram and Facebook profiles.

It said that the granularity of esports data makes for interesting facts that work well on social media, such as information about which player has thrown the most flash grenades during a CS:GO match, or which player has killed the most enemies with a particular weapon in Valorant.

All of this content increases engagement and adds value for fans, the team said.

“Our goal is to provide unique content and this partnership should ensure that our fans are more involved with what’s happening with the team,” said Nikita Koroteev, head of media at Gambit Esports.

“Integration with a great and comfortable API went smoothly due to Abios’ willingness to help.”

Jacob Howard, key account manager for Abios, added: ”Abios is happy to support Gambit Esports with anything necessary in their quest to create additional value for their esports fans.”

“Our journey together has only begun and we look forward to seeing which other verticals we can explore to create an even better experience for the esports fans and supporters through engaging data-driven content.”

Earlier this year, Abios explained to iGaming Business how providing access to fast, reliable and accurate data can revolutionise the esports betting market, as part of the ICE 365 content series.

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