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ESIC signs Esports Charts as first data partner

| By Robert Fletcher
The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has secured its first data partnership with global esports data provider Esports Charts, with the aim of establishing a greater understanding of industry trends and behaviours.

Under the agreement, Esports Charts will grant ESIC access to its data on esports events, as well as collaborate with the integrity organisation to publish periodic reports on particular data metrics related to integrity and industry risk.

In addition, ESIC and Esports Charts will work together on academic use cases for Esports Charts’ data products.

“This partnership with Esports Charts will allow ESIC to tap into reliable data which will help ESIC stay informed about the industry trends relevant to its operations,” ESIC director of global partnerships Stephen Hanna said.

“Further to this, ESIC is looking forward to working with Esports Charts in order to augment academic prospects within the esports field through the facilitation of data accessibility.”

Esports Charts founder Ivan Danishevskyi added: “The integrity of data, protection of the market from fraud, systematisation of information, favourable market growth and fair play are the main tasks in Esports Charts’ mission.

“We are glad that ESIC is our teammate in these matters, as they deeply share all of these goals. By creating standards and best practices, together we can kick-start esports to unprecedented heights.”

The new partnership comes after ESIC also announced to had issued professional Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) team Vitality, with a $10,000 fine following evidence of “stream sniping”.

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