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Oddin partners with ESIC as anti-corruption supporter

| By Nosa Omoigui
Esports odds and risk management supplier Oddin has joined the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) as an anti-corruption supporter.
Oddin becomes ESIC anti-corruption supporter

Anti-corruption supporters aid ESIC with combatting fraud in within the esports industry, by helping the commission to investigate suspicious betting activity.

ESIC commissioner Ian Smith said: “We are happy to welcome Oddin into our global anti-fraud network. It is very important for us that a key esports betting provider such as Oddin becomes a member.”

“They will help us fight match-fixing practices over the multiple jurisdictions they operate in. We look forward to having long-term cooperation with them.’’

Marek Suchar, head of partnerships at Oddin, added: “We are very happy to become a member of ESIC. Given the vast growth of the esports industry, we consider this membership of utmost importance since it will give us more trustworthiness and durability in the online gaming industry.”

“We are ready to take advantage of the benefits this collaboration will bring us in all aspects, and we are absolutely looking forward to it.”

The commission recently dismissed questions around its own integrity, denying false claims that it worked for the esports betting industry.

The commission was branded a “servant of the betting industry” after false claims that it gave support to the creation of an esports regulatory commission in the state of Nevada.

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