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Report: eSports insight from Narus

| By iGB Editorial Team
This Narus report charts the rise and fall of skins sites and explores the possible future of these sites and the skins industry in light of the Valve crackdown.

iGaming Business is pleased to share this eSports betting report from Narus, Skins in The Game.

This report takes a detailed look at the four major skins scandals that led game maker Valve to order eSportsbooks to stop using its API (application protocol interface) to enable gambling transactions.

It explores the fallout from this decision — CS:GO Lounge announced a month afterwards that it would no longer offer any skins betting at all and more than a dozen skins gambling sites have closed so far.

The report explores the future of the skins market in light of the recent developments and looks at whether or not skin gambling sites are likely to be successful in their attempts to reposition themselves in other areas of the gambling sector. 

Click on the e-zine below to view the full report, or use this link.


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