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Asia iGaming Dashboard – March 2018

| By Stephen Carter
H2 Gambling Capital and iGaming Business are pleased to bring you the Asia iGaming Dashboard
H2 Gambling Capital and iGaming Business are pleased to bring you this Asia iGaming Dashboard, which we have prepared as part of our Asian Gaming Focus 2018 in the forthcoming issue of iGaming Business. It follows the evolution of the Asian igaming sector from 2003 with projections up to 2022. Scroll down for H2’s data on the mobile channel, projected to grow from 43.5% this year to 53.1% in 2022. According to H2, the value of the market is set to increase from €10.7bn to €15.1bn, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.7%. Igaming currently only accounts for 8.2% of total gambling gross win in Asia, compared to 21.1% in Europe, reflecting the vast potential for online growth as well as the scale of the land-based gambling markets. To view the Asian igaming market in the global context, please also see our monthly iGaming Dashboard for March 2018, and also the Africa iGaming Dashboard. H2 Gambling Capital is the gambling industry’s leading consulting, market intelligence and data team. The company has a track record of nearly 15 years focused on the global gambling industry, its projections have been influential in shaping legislators’ and investors’ views of the gambling sector across the globe.

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