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Chinese Lottery sales slump in August

| By Marese O'Hagan
The Chinese Lottery has reported sales of CNY32.6bn (£3.75bn/€4.33bn/$3.75bn) for the month of August, a decrease of 6.2% compared to August 2020 and a fall of 10.0% from July 2021.

The Sports Lottery made up a majority of the revenue at CNY21.15bn, a drop of 15.3% compared to the previous month and 1.7% year-on-year.

The Welfare Lottery counted for the remaining CNY11.45bn. This was a rise of 1.7% compared to July, but a decline of 13.57% compared to the previous August.

Digital lottery sales amounted to CNY12.81bn in total. Of this amount, CNY5.46bn came from Sports Lottery digital sales down 78.1% month-on-month. The remaining CNY7.34bn was made up from Welfare Lottery digital sales, a drop of 39.9% compared to July.

For the Welfare Lottery, instant lottery sales came to CNY1.95bn, a loss of 3.8% compared to July. Keno sales added up to CNY2.14bn another monthly decline of 10.5%.

The Sports Lottery saw instant lottery sales come to CNY1.71bn, a decline of 7.9% monthly. No amount of given for video lottery games, but a total of CNY1.39bn was given for betting and prediction games, a loss of 21.1% since July.

Lottery sales topped in Guangdong, reaching CNY3.22bn. Zhejiang came second with CNY2.49bn, while Jiāngsū saw a total of CNY2.24bn.

In total, sales for this year so far hit 247.29bn.

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