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H2-iGB LotNext Lottery Dashboard – July 2016

| By iGB Editorial Team

Welcome to the first H2-iGaming Lotnext Lottery Dashboard created by iGaming Business and H2 Gambling Capital.

The data provides an overview of the revenues generated by the worldwide lottery industry across all major channels and is being published in anticipation of the Lotnext Summit taking place in Barcelona on 29 November.

The Lotnext keynote will be made by Yanis Varoufakis, economist, academic and former Minister of Finance for Greece.

The lottery sector is undergoing fundamental transformations in how the product is offered, marketed and played throughout the world.

The Summit will connect lottery executives, private operators, policy makers, technology providers, investors, and charities to enable them to discuss, share and stay abreast of all these developments.

This lottery dashboard is published in partnership with iGaming Business’s exclusive data partner H2 Gambling Capital – and is an extract from H2 Gambling Capital’s Global Gambling Data/Regulatory Service – more information available from www.h2gc.com

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