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Nevada gambling revenue level year-on-year at $1.21bn in August

| By Robert Fletcher
Gambling revenue in Nevada remained level year-on-year in August at $1.21bn, although the US state reported a month-on-month decline.
Nevada 2023

Revenue was in line with the $1.21bn posted in August 2022. However, this was 14.3% lower than $1.40bn in July in Nevada this year.

Slots drew $829.2m of all revenue in August, down 2.1% on last year. Multi-denomination slot games generated $479.3m in revenue and penny slots $256.9m.

Elsewhere table, counter and card games revenue increased 5.2% to $380.1m. Baccarat led the way with revenue of $116.2m, some 21.0% ahead of $96.7m in August 2022.

Blackjack was the next highest source of revenue across table, counter and card games at $99.1m, down marginally from $100.0m in the previous year. Roulette revenue jumped 20.5% to $39.9m but craps revenue slipped 7.4% to $36.2m.

Nevada sports betting revenue up 12.4%

Turning to sports betting, revenue from sports pool wagering jumped 12.4% to $18.1m. All sports betting is reported as part of table, counter and card games.

Breaking this down, baseball betting accounted for $9.6m in revenue and football $5.1m. However, losses were reported for betting on basketball ($694,000 and hockey ($474,000) and parlay cards ($18,000).

Other sports generated $4.7m in revenue. In addition, it was noted that $13.2m of all sports betting revenue in Nevada came from mobile wagering.

Las Vegas Strip revenue reaches $666.8m in August

Revenue on the Las Vegas Strip in August amounted to $666.8m. This was almost half of all revenue in Nevada in August and 1.1% more than in the previous year.

Slot machines on the Strip generated $368.3m in total revenue. This includes $205.7m from multi-denomination slots and $107.9m from penny slots.

Table, counter and card games revenue on the Strip reached $298.4m, led by baccarat with $114.3m. Sports betting’s share in the market stood at $7.8m.

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