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Spanish gambling revenue up 55.1% year-on-year to €312.6m in Q2

| By Robert Fletcher
Gross gambling revenue in the second quarter in Spain hiked 55.1% year-on-year to €312.6m (£207.0m/$332.6m), with revenue from sports betting more than doubling.
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Total revenue in the second quarter was comfortably ahead of last year and also 2.5% higher than €313.3m in Q1. Data for the three-month period has been released by Spain’s regulator, the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ).

Casino generated the most GGR in Q2 – €149.9m, up 27.9% from last year and 4.5% ahead of Q1. 

Slot machine revenue increased by 29.9% year-on-year, while live roulette GGR was 8.9% higher.

Spanish sports betting revenue rockets in Q2

The sports betting segment reported the largest percentage of growth during the quarter. In the three-month period, GGR reached €133.3m, up 118.9% from last year.

Pre-event sports bet GGR was 1.8% higher than in Q2 and live betting GGR also increased by 3.5%. Horse riding bets jumped 22.7% but other sports bets GGR slipped 15.1%.

Elsewhere, poker GGR was 27.6% higher than last year at €25.8m, but this total was 5.8% lower than the first quarter. Tournament poker GGR was 38.1% up on Q2 of 2022 and cash poker GGR also edged up, by 4.9%.

Bingo GGR came in at €3.5m, up 5.5% on the previous year and also 5.5% ahead of Q2 this year.

Finally, contests GGR reached €140,000, a 1,464.9% increase on last year but 41.5% behind Q2.

Player deposits up almost 20%

As for related activity, the DGOJ said player deposits were 19.6% higher year-on-year but 2.0% lower than Q1. Withdrawals were 3.0% higher than in 2022 and 2.3% down from the first quarter.

Total marketing spend by licensees in Spain hit €96.6m, an annual rise of 3.0%. Advertising spend was 7.7% up on last year, affiliate spending climbed 56.2% and sponsorship rocketed 225.2%, although promotions were down 1.7%.

Monthly average active gaming accounts increased by 11.4% from last year to 1,134,993. However, the monthly average for new accounts fell 3.0% to 102,804 users.

In addition, the DGOJ published an updated overview of the number of licensees active in the Spanish market. Some 78 licensees offered some form of gambling during Q2.

Of those operators who have licences, 43 offer sports betting, 50 casinos, nine poker, three bingo and two contests.

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