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Svenska Spel donates SEK40m to youth sports

| By Marese O'Hagan
Svenska Spel has donated SEK40.0m (£33.4m/$45.0m) to youth sports through its grassroots association, Gräsroten.

A total of 8,930 associations across 74 sports will share the donation.

The associations were chosen by 686,064 Svenska Spel customers- a 7.0% rise in responses compared to 2020.

“I have played at an elite level for many years, but I never forget where I come from and what significance my parent association had for me,” said Swedish footballer Robin Quaison,

“Sports clubs around the country getting a supplement through Svenska Spel’s Gräsroten feels fantastic. This means that more children and young people can get moving.”

Football got the highest donation at SEK16.0m. Ice hockey came next with SEK5.6m, while handball received SEK1.8m.

“Every kroner that goes to our sports associations- not least now after the pandemic- is an important investment so that they can continue to contribute to public health and community,” said Björn Eriksson, chairman of the Swedish Sports Confederation.

“The fact that Gräsroten is reaching more and more associations spread across the country is very gratifying and contributes to creating conditions for the associations all over the country.”

This is the ninth consecutive year in which Svenska Spel has donated a large sum to Swedish youth sports through Gräsroten.

Last month, Svenska Spel reported a 6.7% rise in revenue in its third quarter 2021 results.

The regulator also announced a partnership with esports training facility Esportshall in September, to promote esports in Sweden.

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