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Liechtenstein government extends ban on online gambling until 2028

| By Kyle Goldsmith
Online gambling will continue to be prohibited in Liechtenstein until 2028 after the government extended its ban.
Liechtenstein online gambling

Gambling was legalised in Liechtenstein in 2010. However, the inability for online operators to gain a licence means online gambling is unavailable in the country.

This fresh extension on processing of online gambling licence applications will run until the end of 2028. This will prove a blow to those looking to expand into the small but wealthy nation.

In addition, Liechtenstein’s government announced an agreement with Switzerland to share information on banned players. This is with the intention of ensuring “effective cross-border player protection” and is expected to come into action next year.

Liechtenstein land-based casinos survive despite online gambling ban

Despite the ban on online gambling, land-based casinos have proved to be a big hit in Liechtenstein.

However, a ban on licensing for new casinos was introduced in 2022 to try and stem the growth of gambling in Liechtenstein.

Meanwhile, a referendum earlier this year called on the Liechtenstein electorate to decide whether to ban casinos altogether by 2028.

70% of the electorate participated, deciding to keep casinos open with 73.3% of votes opting against a ban.

This was in spite of controversy over potentially harmful aspects of gambling such as damage to Liechtenstein’s reputation and the possibility of a rise in addiction.

Casinos are a helpful boost to Liechtenstein’s economy. In 2018, the country’s first full year with casinos open, the two present in the nation collaborated to bring in CHF53.5m (£43.5m/€48.9m/$53.6m).

With a 34.5% effective tax rate, the two casinos combined to pay CHF19.9m (£18m/€20.9m/$23m) in gambling taxes and fees.

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