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Road to ICE 2024: Slot Trumps 2023 wrap-up

| By iGB Editorial Team | Reading Time: 2 minutes
On the road to ICE, iGB will prep you for the biggest show of 2024 with this new series covering the latest developments since 2023's show.
Road to ICE igaming

In 2023, iGaming Business and EveryMatrix embarked on data-driven joint venture – the Slot Trumps Behaviour Report. Slot Trumps gives readers a look into how players engage with some of the industry’s key markets.

In 2023, Slot Trumps provided a detailed analysis into three markets, with three more scheduled in the series. The latest – analysing player behaviour in Colombia – was published last week.

The first edition of Slot Trumps was released in September and focused on the Brazilian market – arguably the most talked-about market currently. It revealed that Brazilian players enjoy challenges and tournaments, as those enhance the gaming experience for them.

At the time of the Brazilian dashboard’s release, the country’s Chamber of Deputies had just approved Bill 3,626/23, which was set to regulate sports betting and online casino.

Much has changed since then. In November, Brazil’s Economic Affairs Commission (CAE) approved Bill 3,626/23. It confirmed a reduced 12% tax rate for sports betting and rejected an attempt to have igaming removed from the bill.

In December Brazil’s senate plenary voted to approve amendments to the bill, and decided to remove igaming altogether. However, it was eventually added back in. Earlier this month, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva approved the new regulatory framework for sports betting and igaming.

Romania and Greece take the stage

Next up, the Slot Trumps dashboard veered over to Romania. The dashboard revealed that Romanian players are mostly retained by buy features, which can create a more rewarding game experience.

The top 20 most played games in Romania can be categorised into two groups – games with classic themes and no bonuses, and games that have buy features.

Ultimately, Romanian players enjoy familiarity. Games with so-called “classic” themes are preferred, alongside games with less slot features.

It’s a different story over in Greece, where according to the Slot Trumps Greek dashboard players prefer certain slots themes. Out of Greece’s top 1,865 games, 17.6% have fruit symbols and 15.0% feature animals.

In addition, Greek players prefer staking lower amounts over a longer period of time. Bets per spin average €0.79 across the top 20 games on SlotMatrix, a result of the maximum bet cap on slots in Greece.

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