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Ontario igaming outperforms five-year state contribution and employment targets says Deloitte

| By Richard Mulligan
Ontario’s commercial igaming sector outperformed various five-year economic contribution targets set by Deloitte between 2023 and 2024, including jobs sustained and government revenue contributions.
Ontario igaming

According to a report by Deloitte published on 19 June, the igaming market in Ontario hit or almost reached many of Deloitte’s year-five projections within its second year, with the market (excluding the state-backed lottery operator) contributing CA$2.7bn (US$1.97m) to GDP and sustaining almost 15,000 full time equivalent jobs in the province.

Of this, $1.3bn contributed to labour income. In comparison, market contribution in Ontario’s first year of operation hit $1.58bn, after Ontario’s online gambling market went live on 4 April 2022.

Between April 2023 and April 2024, direct jobs sustained hit 120% of Deloitte’s five-year prediction, with government revenues (94%), total full-time jobs sustained (92%) and GDP contributions (93%) also outpacing initial expectations.

The report said approximately $1.4 of economic activity (in terms of GDP) was added to the province’s economy per every dollar spent by operators on operational and capital expenses (opex and capex), during the 12-month period.

“Our made-in-Ontario igaming sector is being recognised internationally for its success as a leader in this space. Working together with our partners and industry, we will continue to drive innovation and deliver robust player protections, all while displacing the unregulated market,” said Doug Downey, Ontario’s attorney general.

“Our igaming sector is not only a job creator here in Ontario but it shows the world our ongoing commitment to building a sustainable and responsible igaming industry,” he said.

Government contribution soars

The contribution towards federal, provincial and municipal government was up to $1.24bn from $761m in year one. Of the total, $790m supported provincial government revenue, $75m supported municipal government revenues and $380m supported federal government revenue.

Ontario’s regulated competitive igaming market, not including igaming offered by OLG, sustained 2,800 additional full-time equivalent jobs in its second year. Within the 15,000 some 2,675 were in direct employment.

According to figures released by the province’s regulator in April, a total of $63bn in wagers were placed during the second year of Ontario’s regulated online gambling market.

Looking back over the year, wagering was highest in Q4, hitting $17.8bn. Wagering totals grew steadily over the year, beginning with $14bn in Q1 and following on with $14.2bn in Q2. Wagers then jumped significantly to $17.2bn in Q3.

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