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Introducing MEGA: The all-encompassing gamification solution

| By Katrina Holmes | Reading Time: 5 minutes
While gamification remains a popular igaming engagement and retention tool, the industry is constantly searching for new ways of taking it to the next level. Martin Collins, Soft2Bet’s chief business development officer, believes content-led gamification solution MEGA goes one step further than other similar solutions currently available, helping operators to boost retention in both mature and emerging markets.
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“Soft2Bet’s B2C experience is one of its distinguishing features. Having started out as a consumer igaming company, we are fully aware of the issues operators face as part of their daily operations and use this experience to enable our partners to provide their customers with products that are relevant to their interests and activities.”

With personalisation and gamification at the forefront of operators’ strategies to retain players, understanding that a one-size-fits all approach may not work as effectively as a customised solution. The resounding challenge for operators lies in understanding unique preferences and ultimately directing the best content to each player to give them exactly what they want, when they want it.

Industry leaders, Soft2Bet, identified this challenge early on, understanding exactly what operators were missing from their retention strategy. Working on its revolutionary gamification solution, MEGA, Collins believes that this is an industry game-changer that will take the pressure off of high-budget player acquisition strategies and instead help operators to focus on retaining the player base they already have.

“We have built a product based on need and demand. MEGA stands for Motivational Engineering Gaming Application and it has had a very strong impact on our partners. It’s a content-led gamification solution that enables operators to differentiate their offerings and attract players thanks to its unique engagement features and is unlike anything on the market at the moment.”

Unlike other suppliers, Soft2Bet doesn’t believe that operators are directly competing against each other. Instead, it believes they are competing against the social media leaders that take up much of potential player’s time. Engaging and entertaining content that TikTok and Instagram deliver is what operators should be focusing on delivering in the igaming space and with MEGA, they can do just that.

Collins explains, “For example, TikTok users spend approximately 28 minutes every day on the platform and MEGA is a tool that our operators can use to drive engagement levels among their players thanks to quality gamified content that is entertaining and engaging.”

Customised vs off-the-shelf gamification

For Collins, the key to success lies in creating unique gamification experiences that work for each player. This can be achieved by targeting preferences and building on a personalised interaction between operator and player, enabling Soft2bet brands to  stand out in this highly competitive industry.

With many gamification solutions operating in standard format, it may prove difficult to analyse success or gauge where impact is positively felt across a customer base. While bespoke gamification offerings are naturally a more customised option to off-the-shelf solutions, Collins believes both have their place in the industry.

“We have found that a combination of off-the-shelf and bespoke options allows for the right level of customisation and flexibility for our partners. Off-the-shelf solutions often get criticised, but they can be very useful for smaller operators that are starting out and looking to establish themselves. MEGA is a standalone product and as a result is highly flexible and adaptable.”

Analysing data for flexible gamification

The success of providing players a flexible gamification solution can depend on having access to accurate data and effective playing pattern analysis. For Soft2Bet, MEGA delivers on exactly this, giving operators the opportunity to develop a unique, personalised player journey that keeps them engaged for longer.

“One of the great things about MEGA is that it generates vast amounts of user data that we are able to analyse and derive strong insights from. They also enable us to develop highly personalised dashboards, user experiences and gaming offerings that are highly relevant to our players.

“Data analysis means we can develop tailored rewards and loyalty schemes that respond in real time to players’ achievements according to the level they are at. This is important because it leads to a strong connection where our operators interact with their customers as they progress and the customers feel valued.”

Improving customer lifetime value

“MEGA is the perfect way to address and solve challenges as it attracts and engages players naturally, retaining them through gamification mechanics that combine casual and social gaming features. This enables operators to record increased customer lifetime values and in turn, increased returns on investment.”

A player’s competitive nature is something Collins believes operators must focus on in order to stand out from the competition. MEGA does this by providing customised gamification options that allow players to reach new levels, complete missions and succeed in earning prizes. These competitive features improve players’ desire to return to a site, instantly boosting their lifetime value.

“Player engagement is provided via features such as City Builder (for iCasino) and Stadium Builder (for sports betting), which lead players through missions they must complete to progress through levels.

“This enables operators to increase screen time and helps players develop a sense of achievement, competition and social interaction as they discuss their experiences with other players through chat rooms and leaderboards. 

“We are witnessing incredible results on our most gamified projects and the numbers are really impressive: NGR increased by 65%, ARPU by 45% and deposits by 50%. But the most important part is that operators can create more sustainable relationships with their customers generating additional levels of entertainment.”

How MEGA can be used in mature and emerging markets

“MEGA brings to life player-focused engagement narratives that help operators stand out in highly saturated and competitive markets.”

Having already made its mark in the mature European market, especially in Romania, Sweden and Denmark, Soft2Bet’s expansion strategy for MEGA is to launch it next in the hotly anticipated Latin American market.

“We expect to launch in Latin America in the near future as we seek to conclude commercial agreements with a number of local partners in the region.”

For Collins, taking key learnings from MEGA’s impact on the European market will help operators to see its potential in helping them succeed in newly regulated countries like Brazil.

“Regulation is rolling out across Latin America, and while this is positive for our industry, regulation brings with it increased costs. MEGA enables our partners to address these challenges because it produces strong ROI at the same time as they operate in full compliance with local regulations.”

MEGA: Building sustainable relationships with players

“It’s about long-term relationships, loyalty and sustainable ties between players and brands.”

As the industry strives to find ways of becoming more sustainable whilst simultaneously attempting to change public opinion of igaming, Collins believes that MEGA can help achieve this.

With the 2023 UK Gambling Act white paper putting a spotlight on the use of sign-up bonuses and free bets that has reverberated across the European market, operators find themselves looking for better ways to keep players engaged. 

“In both Europe and the US there is also a hardening of attitudes towards the industry and it is important that operators show public opinion and regulators that they can engage with the public without constant references to bonuses and free bets.

“That is why we are pleased to be a pioneer in using gamification as an engagement and retention tool and will continue developing and modernising MEGA so it delivers the best activation rates in the industry.”  

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