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Elevating igaming with Soft2Bet: Spotlight on next-gen turnkey solutions

| By Katrina Holmes | Reading Time: 5 minutes
For Yoel Zuckerberg, chief product officer at expert platform provider Soft2Bet, there has been an industry shift in what operators need from turnkey solutions providers. Taking key learnings and experience from its B2C operations, the supplier has turned the standard development process on its head, working with partners to understand exactly what operators need to bring a more holistic solution to market. 
Soft2Bet MEGA

Its Motivational Engineering Gaming Application provides operators with a deeper, more insight-driven understanding into player preferences ensuring that each player journey is effectively tailored to, resulting in a direct impact on retention rates.

For Zuckerberg, the key objective is to drive down player acquisition costs whilst simultaneously increasing player engagement and reducing churn, something that MEGA and the rest of Soft2Bet’s 360 igaming solution successfully delivers on.

What challenges do igaming operators face when acquiring players and how can next-gen turnkey solutions solve these pain points for them? How does Soft2Bet support its partners to acquire new players?

“One of the biggest issues operators face is the cost linked to customer acquisition and the returns on investment (ROI) they are able to generate from their marketing and acquisition campaigns.

“To these we can add industry-specific issues such as legacy platforms, outdated design and approaches to gamification, bonus abuse, high levels of competition from other operators and regulatory restrictions linked to marketing and welcome bonuses such as those currently in place in Sweden.

“Turnkey solution providers should take a holistic approach to solve these pain points, from offering software in line with the latest tech advancements to putting more care into UI & UX and harnessing new methods to engage players. Providers need to move fast and align with the operators’ ever-changing requirements – be it technology, compliance, gamification or supporting services.”

Tell us the process of how you developed your turnkey solution? What research did you undertake and why did you feel the solution was necessary in the industry?

“Much of the research and development material we based our turnkey solution work on comes from our experience as a B2C operator. This means we fully understand what operators need and expect from their platforms and are able to deliver it for them.

“This experience and knowledge have enabled us to build a set of igaming solutions that solve operator pain points right off the bat, with everything offered in one single place:

– Speed to market: our platform is fully compliant with regulatory requirements in more than 7 countries, enabling our B2B partners to launch quickly,

– High-quality design and branding that stand out from the competition,

– Motivational Engineering Gaming Application (MEGA) is the leading gamification solution in igaming, creating engagement, reducing churn and increasing ROI,

– We support all these features with a comprehensive Managed Services package, enabling our operators to focus on their brands, marketing and growing the business.

“As mentioned, our B2C experience means we know what players expect and as we develop our B2B activities we are finding that we are meeting and often exceed that demand, whether in bespoke or ready-made options, for our B2B partners.”

Your solution focuses on personalised gamification, why was this an important part of the tool and how does it uniquely impact operators’ player acquisition efforts?

“Gamification is about creating motivation and curiosity among players so that they take on challenges and reach new levels by completing them. As we motivate and engage our users with our MEGA solution, they maximise their participation and engagement and this drives conversion, sales volumes, and the ROI that our partners produce as their acquisition and retention rates are optimised.

“Our personalisation features foster a targeted, content-led approach that utilises narrative-driven gamification mechanics. This allows players to connect with our brands and foster engagement at the same time as they reduce marketing budgets and churn, increase LTVs, loyalty, screen time and revenues.

“By enabling them to build virtual cities and sports stadiums through our ‘City Builder’ and ‘Stadium Builder’ products, players explore and discover different gaming types that are entirely suited to their preferences and habits. This is made possible thanks to the vast amounts of user data that MEGA generates and means personalised recommendations, targeted promotions and incentives are tailored to their individual behaviours.

“All our CRM strategies and UX-UI work is designed to maximise retention and continued engagement with our offerings over the long term. We see this through our Betinia brand in Sweden and Denmark in 2023, where MEGA has enabled 65% growth in GGR and 70% growth in ARPU.

“This is achieved through personalised retention campaigns, targeted communications, and ongoing optimisation of the user experience to enhance satisfaction and loyalty among acquired players.

“The social and casual aspects of MEGA foster a sense of community among users, leading to discussions and word-of-mouth recommendations. This turns players into advocates for the operator, boosting player acquisition and retention levels regardless of the vertical.

“MEGA is also very positive when it comes to our advocating for responsible gaming policies. It creates engagement through social and casual gaming content and does not rely solely on bonuses or promotions.”

In what ways does Soft2Bet use data analytics and user behaviour insights to tailor and enhance its turnkey solution? Why is data and user behaviour tracking so important for operators wanting to acquire new players?

“Analysing and understanding user behaviour helps adapt and improve promotion of other gaming verticals for individual players. By segmenting players into targeted cohorts and monitoring their LTV evolution, Soft2Bet can personalise promotions and incentives to maximise revenue generation from players.

“Importantly, we provide this as a fully flexible option within our turnkey solution, this means our MEGA gamification and personalisation features are delivered as fully integrated with the platform or can be added as a standalone API that is quick and simple to integrate to the operator’s existing platform.”

How do you gauge the success of a product like this? Do you work directly from partner feedback to adapt and develop your solution?

“Success is gauged through metrics like customer feedback, engagement and of course revenue growth, but just as important is the fact that we have first-hand experience of operating our own B2C portals. 

“This activity enables us to see our products perform in the market, helps us improve them in real time and prioritise our product roadmap. All these projects benefit our B2B partners as we constantly develop and modernise solutions that they can leverage to their advantage.”

Working on a global stage, how do you ensure your turnkey solution adapts to the needs of each region in terms of legislation and regional preference of gaming and payment provision? Do you find that the best acquisition tools vary in different parts of the world?

“As a group, our focus is on steady but constant expansion and our obtaining licences in more than 7 markets in recent years is a sign of that strategy. Our regulatory footprint now reaches into Greece, Romania, Italy and most recently Ontario, Canada, with more to come soon. 

“But what we really focus on with regard to our products is ensuring they are highly localised to player preferences when it comes to onboarding, payments, tone of voice and, of course, the gaming products we provide them with.

“In addition, the fact that MEGA is a narrative-driven gamification product means player preferences are always taken into account and the user journey is tailored to those personal habits and preferences.”

Yoel Zuckerberg, chief product officer at Soft2Bet

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