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ANJ establishes information-sharing framework with ads body

| By Zak Thomas-Akoo
France’s gambling regulator l'Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ) has signed a new cooperation agreement with advertising watchdog l'Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité (ARPP).

The agreement formally establishes an information sharing and exchange framework between the authorities.

This means collaboration and coordination across five key areas.

ANJ and ARPP aim to ensure they work in tandem rather than at cross-purposes and will share information and perspectives on emerging issues. The regulators will also collaborate on new products and tools to better control gambling advertising in France and hold an annual meeting to update on progress.

Stronger cooperation on gambling advertising

Its ultimate purpose is to strengthen operational cooperation between the two agencies, ANJ explained. This will promote effective regulation of gambling advertising and marketing in France.

The regulator added it hoped the agreement would help moderate the influx of gambling advertising in the lead up to upcoming sporting events such as the Rugby World Cup and 2024 Olympics.

The influx of gambling advertising has previously been a flashpoint in France. In 2020, ANJ warned gambling operators “a line was crossed” in terms of the volume of ads during the year’s UEFA European Championship.

Clarification of responsibilities

The new rules clarified the respective duties of each organisation. Going forward ARPP is to be the first point of contact for gambling operators regarding individual communications, marketing and advertising.

In France, gambling operators are already required to present their marketing and ad strategy to ANJ before they roll out. The gambling regulator will now inform ARPP when it intends to reject an operator’s marketing plan.

Formal information exchange framework

In this work, the agreement states ARPP may ask ANJ for its opinion about whether or not an operator’s proposal is compliant with regulation, depending on confidentiality agreements.

The deal also says ARPP will inform ANJ when it hears a consumer has filed a complaint with the Jury de Déontologie Publicitaire (JDP) about an operator’s breach of the advertising code.  

JDP is an independent authority which deals with consumer complaints about advertising.

Agreement establishes annual meeting

The deal also establishes an annual meeting where ARPP and ANJ can discuss advertising trends and emerging business practices.

The two agencies will also collaborate on the creation of new products and tools. They highlighted the gambling section of its Responsible Influencer Certificate as a previous example of working together. This is a standard that social media influencers can apply for to prove they are ethical in their work.

New advertising code

In February, ANJ unveiled a new set of advertising guidelines for gambling operators.

The updated code banned any ads the regulator considered to trivialise gambling, as well as ones that misrepresented the chances of winning. It also prohibits ads that equate gambling with an improvement in social status or an alternative to paid work.

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