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Canadian MP to reintroduce single event betting bill

| By Robert Fletcher
A bill that would repeal existing laws and make it legal for Canadians to wager on single sporting events is to be reintroduced into the country’s parliament.
Single event sports betting officially launches in Canada

Sponsored by Conservative Member of Parliament Kevin Waugh, C-218, which is also known as the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act, was first introduced in February this year.

The bill seeks to repeal paragraph 207(4)(b) of Canada’s Criminal Code, under which consumers are only permitted to place bets on at least three games or more, meaning that a wager on a single match or event is illegal.

Should the bill pass into law, Canadians would be able to place bets on single games or events – a campaign backed by a number of leading operators in the country, including provincial lottery operator the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) and media business Score Media and Gaming (theScore).

Responding to the reintroduction of the legislation, theScore chief executive John Levy welcomed the announcement, reiterating its support for the bill and to open up more wagering opportunities for Canadians.

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