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French media groups kick back against adblocking

| By iGB Editorial Team
Some of France’s biggest media groups have decided to take on adblocking by telling users to disable or uninstall the software that prevents ads from being viewed if they want to be able to read the content on their websites. The move is organised by Geste, a trade body of French online publishers, which argues that adblockers are depriving its members of vital advertising revenue. The websites of Le Monde, L’Equipe and Le Parisien all include messages asking users to disable their adblocking software, with the latter two publications preventing users from reading the content unless they do.   Deezer, a French music streaming specialist, also joined in the action.  As reported by iGaming Business in our special report: ‘Shadow blocking: the response of the igaming industry to the rise of ad-blocking’ (paywall), rates of adblocker usage are rising constantly, especially among millennials. In terms of markets, 30% of France’s internet users have downloaded adblocking software, in Germany the number has reached 40% while in the UK the number is around 15-17%. Jerome Fenoglio, director of French daily Le Monde, told users: “For our 400 journalists to provide you each day with high-quality, reliable and varied news each day … we must be able to rely on advertising revenue.” Although the igaming industry is not hit by adblocking as significantly as ‘traditional’ media groups, operators and affiliates alike use ad banners, pop-ups, pop-unders and adblocking user rates are on the rise. Related articles: Heed the ad-blocking warning signs, says new iGB report (paywall) Creativity key in affiliates ad-block battle (paywall) Shadow blocking: the response of the igaming industry to the rise of ad-blocking (paywall) iGB Diary: Adblockalypse now…

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