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Coljuegos launches bid to become Colombia’s ad regulator

| By Marese O'Hagan
Colombia's gaming regulator Coljuegos has submitted a bill that, if adopted, would see it take over as the country's advertising regulator for gambling.
Coljuegos regulator

Submitted to Colombia’s federal government, the bill requests that Coljuegos be made the administrator for advertising gambling in the country. This also includes sponsorship and promotional communications.

The bill states that gambling advertisements must be “clearly identified” through the related licensed operator. In addition, the operator’s name and commercial image must be clearly visible. Advertisements must not be misleading.

It also recommends that operators only issue advertisements that target registered users on their platforms, appear on their website and include the phrase “authorised by Coljuegos”. Marketing material must be clear about the nature of the games. It also must not include testimonials from those who have won prizes with the operator.

Advertising investments

Also under the bill, operators are only allowed to invest a certain amount into advertising.

“In the event that an operator exceeds the set range, he or she will be subject to a fine equivalent to up to 100% of the amount exceeded in the investment,” the bill reads. “The resources obtained from this fine will have the same destination as the resources obtained from exploitation rights.”

The bill also outlines rules for operators’ relationships with sports teams, permitting operators to have agreements with professional sports teams. However, this is only if the range of advertising investment is not exceeded.

Sports teams must only agree to partner with Coljuegos-authorised teams.

In terms of social media, operators will only be allowed to send marketing emails to individuals that have consented to receiving them. Emailing advertising material to those who have self-excluded, or have been identified as exhibiting “risk behaviour” by Coljuegos, is prohibited.

Operators that advertise on social media must have mechanics to block advertising from minors. Gambling advertisements can only be directed to those who have expressed an interest in them, as long as those individuals can rescind their interest at any time.

In August, Coljuegos partnered with industry trade organisation Asojuegos to address anti-money laundering (AML) issues.

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