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GGPoker.be receives Belgian licence

| By Marese O'Hagan
Online poker operator GGPoker has received a licence to operate its site, GGPoker.be, in Belgium, and will launch in the country on 31 July.

GGPoker.be is operated by Deba Square, which is licensed by the Belgian Gaming Commission. The site is also marketed by Concept Booth, a Belgian poker provider.

“We’re happy to bring our poker product and innovation to the underserved Belgian market,” said Marco Trucco, head of Europe at GGPoker.

“Our partnership with a local company run by experienced poker event organizers is a statement of how we like to make GGPoker relevant and successful in a new market: connecting with people and genuine communities who share our passion for poker.”

The licence will allow players to play on the GGPoker Network by signing up to the GGPoker.be website from July 31.

“We are delighted to partner with GGPoker in Belgium,” said Kristof De Deken, founder of Concept Booth.

“We are confident that the entire Belgian poker industry will become stronger and more appealing for the players. A safe and controlled player environment, a premium user experience and local integration will be the highlights of the GGPoker.be brand.”

Last month, Belgium’s Gaming Commission announced that it had issued 55 sanctions pertaining to 23 separate cases in 2020, with the total fines amounting to €59,958.

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