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Puerto Rico grants seven sports betting licences

| By Berta Puignou
The Puerto Rico Gaming Commission has approved the licensing of four online sports betting operators and three suppliers.
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The Commission said it accepted the recommendation made by the Sports Betting Bureau to grant licences to seven companies, including five temporary licences.

The sports betting operators Ballers Puerto Rico Sportsbook, Liberman Media Group Gaming (LMG) and CCHPR Hospitality (Casino Metro) have been given temporary licences.

The suppliers Swish Analytics Puerto Rico and US Integrity have been granted permanent licences. Continent 8 Technologies PR LLC and Caesars Digital PR Inc have been given temporary supplier licences.

The executive director of the regulatory body Jaime Rivera Emmanuelli explained that to complete the licensing process, the seven companies will have to pay a fee to the government based on the functions they will perform in the sports betting industry.

Operators will have to pay $50,000, the service suppliers will have to pay $5,000 and the lone technology provider – Caesars Digital PR – will have to pay $15,000.

“The sports betting industry is growing under the regulations and supervision of the Puerto Rico Gaming Commission,” stated Rivera Emmanuelli. “Online betting has the potential of being an important source of jobs and the creation of commercial spaces for entertainment. In the same way, it will generate new income for the treasury.”

Operators and suppliers have been eagerly waiting for the launch of online sports betting in Puerto Rico. As of today, sports bets can only be made in person, but granting the licences will be a key step toward launch.

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