Dutch role model ad ban to come into force from 30 June

| By Zak Thomas-Akoo
From the 30 June, the Netherlands will ban gambling providers from using role models in gambling advertisements, the latest crackdown on ads in the new market.
KSA launches RG research plan

The regulator sent letters to this effect to both gambling operators as well as advertising organisations to remind them of the new rules imminent implementation.

Once the stricter rules are in effect, the KSA say they will monitor whether operators are in compliance with the ban, with threats of enforcement if the new rules are not respected.

In February, the KSA issued warnings to operators over ads aimed at young people, after the regulator found three operators intended to advertise through platforms primarily used by children and young people.

The changes are part of a wider revaluation of gaming advertisements in the country in the wake of the launch of the Dutch regulated igaming market in October last year. In January the KSA warned of a crackdown on ads, followed by Dutch minister for legal protection Franc Weerwind in March promising to bring in stricter ad laws, and mentioning the role model ban specifically.

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