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UK introduces ban on EuroMillions betting

| By iGB Editorial Team
A ban on UK consumers betting on EuroMillions lottery draws comes into force today (Friday)

A ban on UK consumers betting on EuroMillions lottery draws comes into force today (Friday).

Announced in November by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the ban refers to betting on non-UK EuroMillions through a statutory licence condition.

The move brings such draws in line with existing regulations on betting on UK National Lottery draws.

In February, the Lotto Betting Group issued a plea to the DCMS to suspend plans.

The group, which took part in an initial consolation process with the DCMS, said
that there is no “econometric evidence to support the claim that betting on non-UK Euromillions draws is having any statistically significant impact on UK EuroMillions tickets sales”.

The Lotto Betting Group comprises WorldLottery Club, Lottoland, Jackpot.com and Multilotto.

Almira Mohamed, director of online lottery syndicate Lotto Social, has also spoken over the new laws, praising the government for taking action over an issue that could impact finances that go to good causes via the lottery.

However, Mohamed also said that players are looking for more “cost effective” ways to play lottery games, saying that the £2.50 (€2.86/$3.50) ticket price is not “affordable by all”.

“It is encouraging that the government has acknowledged the risks posed by lottery betting to charitable causes so dependent on National Lottery sales,” Mohamed said.

“Whilst this is a win for the National Lottery and the significant work it does for Good Causes, we also need to recognise that consumers are demanding alternative and more cost effective ways to play the National Lottery, particularly in these times of austerity.

“£2.50 for one chance at The EuroMillions is not affordable by all; what the betting companies have been doing up until now was discounting this price – which of course there was a demand for.

“Meeting consumer demand with other ways to play, where you get more value and more ways to win – such as playing in syndicates – is the way forward.

“We need to focus on innovation in this sector.”

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