World Series of Politics Episode 10: Howard Glaser on igaming and 2023 predictions

| By Robin Harrison | Reading Time: < 1 minute
The World Series of Politics welcomes its second guest, Light & Wonder’s global head of government affairs Howard Glaser, to discuss the prospects for igaming in the US in 2023.
World Series of Politics Podcast

Sports betting has taken up much of legislators’ attention, but its tax contribution is dwarfed by igaming tax revenue.

Light & Wonder’s Glaser goes as far as calling igaming the most successful product in the history of gambling in the US, even in its infancy.

“Consumers and players love to play online and it produces significant tax revenue for states that far exceeds sport betting,” he explains. “The only hurdle right now is the industry persuading state legislatures that opening up the digital channels makes sense.”

As he says, the evidence is there. The onus will fall on the industry to communicate that to lawmakers, and address any questions or concerns they have. 

2023 predictions

Brendan and Brandt then dust off their crystal ball for some 2023 predictions. Aside from further igaming and sports betting expansion, there’s also bricks-and-mortar to consider.

Brendan is sure at least two states will look to break ground on casino development in the coming year. 

And after Brandt won the wager on Maryland sports betting, there’s another bottle of Pinot at stake, over Missouri and North Carolina. 

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