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Big wins for lottery vertical

| By Louella Hughes

No matter what, growing your audience and increasing customer loyalty is always a priority for operators.

With evolving player expectations and the oversaturation of the online gambling market, succeeding in these aims can be quite the undertaking.

In a recently released video featuring a series of interviews from their subject matter experts, Helio Gaming, the lottery solution and game developers explain why they think lottery is the way forward.




Opportunity for all

With younger generations focussing more on mobile, web and internet services, Richard Mifsud, CEO at Helio Gaming says: “There’s a great opportunity for lottery providers who want to do lottery in a better way and give the opportunity to the new generations to have gaming the way they want it.”

He sees the vertical as an opportunity for many countries, and in particular in emerging markets, identifying Asia and Latin America as areas of significant growth. Additionally, Mifsud highlights Africa, where there are already a number of operators.

He says: “The players in these markets have the same aspirations as in any other market, however, in this very unique market, what they want more is the excitement of low stakes and big win games.”

Lottery equals loyalty

As well as the company’s aim of working with state lotteries, Helio Gaming hopes to partner with various other operators such as casinos and sportsbooks, with Mifsud saying: “Up until today, they aren’t really benefitting from all of the opportunity that is being created by the new lottery vertical coming to the market.”

Denis Wittebrood, sales and partnership relationship management at Helio Gaming says that loyalty is inherent to lottery players, which is something the company capitalised on with its portfolio of games and solutions.

For instance, the solution enables operators to run campaigns to maximise on this loyal nature. Wittebrood says: “You can reward your loyal customers with free tickets, which also appeals to lapsed and dormant players. We’ve found in previous cases about 20% of player re-activation after a campaign.”

Looking towards the future

Aiming to keep pace with the evolving audience expectations, Helio Gaming is looking towards new opportunities in the lottery vertical.

Casey Muscat, business analyst at Helio Gaming says: “We’re extremely excited about international lotteries – these are proven to be extremely popular. But what we’re really excited about is the introduction of live lotteries. We’ll be filming these from our Malta-based studios and really do believe these could be as popular as a live dealer is within a casino.

With opportunities appearing across countries and for various types of operators, Helio Gaming puts forward a strong case for lottery as a solution to some of the concerns facing the industry.

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