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Rightlander.com rolls out new pay-per-click monitoring tool

| By Robert Fletcher
Affiliate compliance platform Rightlander has launched a new pay-per-click (PPC) monitoring tool designed to help users keep track of affiliate marketing activity.
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PPC Monitor enables regular monitoring of desktop and mobile PPC adverts to detect non-compliant or misleading marketing practices by affiliates.

The new tool identifies affiliates bidding on client brand names, hijacking traffic and using their own tracking codes to intercept traffic.

Rightlander’s tool follows each link, analyses redirects looking for tracking codes and identifies all target landing pages.

The monitor can then determine which affiliates are using an operator brand to intercept traffic through their own tracking links or redirecting to third parties.

To complement the new PPC Monitor, Rightlander has also launched IGRG ‘Prohibited Terms’, which monitors UK desktop and mobile PPC ads to detect and identify affiliates bidding on the list of ‘prohibited terms’ provided by the Betting and Gaming Council.

“This area of marketing has long been a high revenue generator for affiliates and operators alike and it is not uncommon for ads to contain non-compliant copy, misleading information or even to deploy devious redirects,” Rightlander founder Ian Sims said.

“Often appearing at the top of search results, this content is highly visible and presents a significant risk to brands operating with affiliates in regulated territories.”

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