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Denmark mandates bonuses must be available for 60 days

| By Marese O'Hagan
The Danish Gaming Authority (Spillemyndigheden) has announced an update to its advertising regulations, outlining a new stipulation that all bonuses must be made available for at least 60 days.
Danske Spil Raketech

The update to the bonus requirement was made after an executive order was issued by the country’s government to change Spillemyndigheden’s online casino, land-based betting and online betting regulations.

Following a period of assessment, Spillemyndigheden concluded that operators must grant at least 60 days for customers to take advantage of a bonus that they have won as part of a promotional offering.

The new rules also emphasise that a customer must be able to claim the bonus without additional terms and conditions.

Last week, the regulator announced a loosening of its testing requirements, which included changes in assessment provisions and how a company is deemed a “testing lab”. More certification options for approved test businesses were made available, while experience requirements were removed.

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