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iDEA Growth publishes responsible advertising code

| By Robert Fletcher
iDEA Growth, a non-profit association focused on the US online interactive entertainment sector, has released an updated responsible advertising code for online gaming and sports betting.
iDEA Growth

Designed for its members, the code sets out a series of principles related to marketing, encouraging members to advertise responsibly.

The first of the given principles relates to complying with legal requirements related to these forms of gambling. Members are required to adhere to each state’s rules and restrictions when advertising.

Secondly, iDEA Growth must only promote online gaming and sports betting to players over the age of 21, unless state law is 18-plus.

Advertising should disclose that betting is only for adults and not use any characters or performers that appeal to a young audience. Adverts should not appear in media that primarily appeals to an audience under legal age or feature promotional products that appeal to children.

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