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NOGA: Dutch participation in online gambling growing

| By Marese O'Hagan
The Netherlands Online Gambling Association (NOGA) has released the latest edition of its Online Gaming Barometer, in which it revealed that the number of Dutch people participating in online gambling has grown.
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The Barometer is formed from a consumer survey, which was conducted by market research company IPSOS on 2,803 Dutch people.

The report made a number of key findings. In total, 14% of the Dutch population had gambled in the previous 12 months, up from 11%.

The number of young adult players had grown since 2022, with the percentage now standing at 30% compared to 21% in the previous year.

NOGA also noted that there had been an increase in young people exhibiting problem gambling behaviours, growing from 8% to 14%. However, the association said that this increase was mainly due to the rise in players.

Majority of players are men

Of those who had gambled in the last 12 months – totalling at 483 people – 69% were men. Of this same pool, a majority of the gamblers were young people, making up 36%.

When asked which device they use to gamble on, most of the survey’s participants noted smartphones as their device of choice, coming in at 81%. Laptop was chosen by 63% of respondents and 27% chose tablets.

In terms of whether a website or an app is preferable, 85% of participants chose website, while 51% chose apps.


The Barometer also revealed that Dutch people are seeing gambling advertising less often compared to 2022.

In total, 15% of participants said they have seen advertising “very often” compared to 25% of participants last year.

Participants saw ads more infrequently across almost all channels. In total, 77% said they had seen ads on television, compared to 81% year-on-year, while 43% said they had seen ads online – down from 49% in 2022.

Those who had seen ads on social media dipped also, to 32%. However, ads viewed on outdoor advertising grew from 15% to 22%.

This comes as the Netherlands is to be hit with a strict ban on untargeted gambling advertising on 1 July. The ban will prohibit television and radio ads, as well as ads on billboards and in public spaces.

But online ads will still be allowed, as well as ads on on-demand television.

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