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SBTech powers Hero Gaming’s new social betting platform

| By iGB Editorial Team
SBTech is to power Hero Gaming’s new gamified sportsbook, Betser.

SBTech is to power Hero Gaming’s new gamified sportsbook, Betser.

Hero Gaming, which operates Casino Heroes, said the creation of Betser was inspired by the success of fantasy football and private leagues.

The compay said it has created unified betting journeys for all players, allowing them to build on their own accomplishments and compete directly with other bettors.

Hero Gaming chief executive Magnus Alebo said: “We don´t aim just to please players with good products – our strategy is to wow them by pushing the boundaries of the industry.

“With Casino Heroes we redefined the online casino experience by putting gaming and adventure at the core of the product offering.

“Betser likewise offers players a much more engaging betting journey by rewarding both their courage and skills, and by allowing them to measure themselves, compete, and interact with other players.

“SBTech’s knowledge, technical prowess and all-round professionalism made the process of realising our vision fast, smooth and highly enjoyable.”

Betser’s twin-track loyalty scheme lets players earn points from all their sports bets and exchange them for free bets in the ‘locker room’.

The programme awards points for both low- and high-risk bets, as an integrated feature shown on the player’s bet slip.

In parallel, Betser’s League Points programme allows players to compete against each other, earning achievements and moving up through various divisions in a social leaderboard format.

Richard Carter, chief executive of SBTech, said: “Working with like-minded partners who are pushing the boundaries of online sports betting is at the heart of our corporate mission.

“As leaders in the fields of live betting and data-driven personalisation, we are delighted to have been chosen to provide the software supporting Betser, a product which we believe defines the emerging reality of gamified online betting.”

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