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Gaming Society and UNLV partner for research into women’s sports and betting

| By Lillian Walker
Betting education platform Gaming Society and the International Gaming Institute (IGI), a nonprofit academic centre at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) have partnered to conduct research into female sports and betting as well as collaborate on educational development.
Women's Sport

The aim of the research is to better understand female sports bettors, women’s sports fans’ attitudes on betting and industry investment in sponsorship of women’s sports.  

IGI and Gaming Society will focus on collecting and analysing wide ranges of data in the sports betting, technology and media sector.  

“Market research and data on fan behaviour is critical in driving future innovation within the sports betting industry,” Gaming Society co-founder Jaymee Messler said. “Over the past year, Gaming Society has partnered with leading leagues and brands to make sports betting more inclusive and deepen fan engagement, with particular focus on women bettors and women’s sport.”

Additional collaboration between the two will cover betting education programming development, which includes increasing modules for Gaming Society’s Betting Academy 101.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of this cutting-edge research establishing an understanding of female sports bettors and women’s sport consumers,“ added Nancy Lough, co-director of sport research and innovation at UNLV.

“Advancement of women’s sport business relies on an appreciation of the value women’s sport offers to fans and sponsors. Collaboratively we will increase awareness of the exciting business opportunities in women’s sport, while also establishing UNLV’s IGI and the Gaming Society as the go-to source for thought leadership and workforce development.” 

Alongside these advancements, Gaming Society will develop a mentorship programme that will pair UNLV students with sports industry professionals in order to build networking connections and foster career access points.  

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