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Dudena to oversee Brazil betting regulation after being named SPA leader

| By Kyle Goldsmith
Regis Dudena will oversee the regulation of betting in Brazil after being named as leader of the country’s secretariat of prizes and bets.

Published in Brazil’s Official Gazette of the Union, it was announced that lawyer Dudena would assume the role as leader of the prizes and betting secretariat (SPA). Dudena’s appointment was signed by the Brazilian government’s chief of staff Rui Costa.

The SPA is a ministry of finance body that will organise the structure of regulation; as well as publishing forthcoming frameworks. The SPA had previously been without a head, with Simone Vincentini serving as deputy secretary.

Dudena has previously worked in both regulatory and public law. He has also served as legal manager for the National Association of Railway Carriers (ANTF).

Dudena has a close working relationship with Dario Durigan, executive secretary of Brazil’s treasury. The pair worked together during Dilma Rousseff’s time as president.

Dudena’s new role in Brazil

Dudena’s new role will entail being responsible for regulation of betting in Brazil. The country is in the process of regulating the market after Bill 3,626/2023 was signed into law by President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in December last year.

Last week, the SPA and Brazil’s ministry of finance published new rules on gambling through Normative Ordinance No 615. Among the new rules is the stipulation that operators cannot accept bets through credit cards or cryptocurrency.

Brazil is currently undergoing a four-stage rollout of regulation, expecting it to be completed by the end of July 2024. The first, and currently ongoing, stage is seeing payments, security and technology frameworks enacted.

The second stage will involve the SPA publishing its policies on fraud, including anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing strategies. The third phase will focus on procedures on advertising as well as the technology and security aspects. Finally, the last stage will be centred on how the industry can contribute to socially responsible causes.

Sports betting ads to be under ministry of finance regulations

It was also announced earlier in April that sports betting advertising in Brazil would require compliance with the ministry of finance’s regulations.

The 2024 edition of the Brazil Football Confederation’s (CBF) General Competition Regulations stipulates that advertising must be within guidelines, such as illegal operators being prohibited from advertising.

Unsubstantiated claims within advertising related to the probability of winning are also banned, as well as marketing that highlights gambling as a solution to financial issues or as a socially approved pastime.

Operators are also banned from using celebrities or other influential figures to market gambling products.

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