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Casino Guru appoints Vincze to lead safer gambling efforts

| By Marese O'Hagan
Online casino affiliate Casino Guru has appointed Šimon Vincze to the role of sustainable and safer gambling lead.
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Vincze first joined Casino Guru in 2020, leading its global self-exclusion initiative and its educational service Casino Guru Academy.

In his new role, Vincze will focus on implementing safer gambling practices and highlighting operators’ responsible gambling tools in Casino Guru reviews.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to be involved in making gambling safer and excited to see the future impact of our endeavours,” said Vincze. “I am also thankful for becoming a part of such a great team, as well as meeting many inspiring professionals at industry events and conferences.”

Casino Guru is currently working to release a blue paper, which will detail how a global self exclusion system could be applied. It will also include a proposal to create a tool that would provide guidance to players who wish to self-exclude.

“There is an exciting journey ahead of us and I cannot wait to see our projects improved and developed throughout the year,” continued Vincze. “Apart from the initiative, I am also focusing on connecting problem gambling help organisations with players who need their help.

“We are working on the first global database of these organisations to help struggling individuals find professional help quickly and effectively.”

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