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Liashko becomes sole chief executive of Parimatch Tech

| By Daniel O'Boyle
Parimatch Tech has restructured its leadership, as the business moves from two chief executives to one, with Maksym Liashko taking full control.

The business had previously operated with Liashko and Roman Syrotian both sharing the duties of chief executive

However, Syrotian will now leave this position, though he will retain his spot on Parimatch’s supervisory board. In this role, he will continue to deal with “strategic aspects of the business,

shareholder relations and resource allocation”.

Liashko, meanwhile, will oversee operational taste as chief executive.

The move comes as Parimatch has been severely impacted by Russia’s invasion of its home nation of Ukraine. In response to the war, the business withdrew its franchise from Russia.

Both Syrotian and Liashko said the move to a single CEO would allow the business to react more quickly during a time of crisis.

“War impacts the fates of people and the fates of companies,” Syrotian said. “The changes in the top management structure and move to the single CEO model will allow us to become even more flexible, speed up the operational and decision-making processes. I am confident that Maksym and the team are ready to lead Parimatch Tech during these tough times. 

“I will continue my work in the company in a non-operational role as a member of the supervisory board.”

Liashko said he was confident the move would help the business withstand the impact of the war. 

“In times of war, the structure and development procedures within the company had to be reviewed and adapted to the new reality. With Roman refocusing all his attention and skills toward the supervisory board activities, I am certain that Parimatch Tech will withstand these difficult times and continue to be a successful global business,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Anna Motruk and Evgen Belousov will leave their roles of chief financial officer and chief revenue officer respectively to become deputy chief executives.

“I would also like to congratulate Anna Motruk and Evgen Belousov with their appointments as deputy CEOs,” Liashko added. 

“Their skills and knowledge shaped Parimatch Tech into what it is today – a successful international business – so together we will ensure that Parimatch Tech continues to grow and attract success.”

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