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Matt Zarb-Cousin joins Yield Sec as advisor

| By Zak Thomas-Akoo
Consumer protection campaigner and co-founder of self-exclusion system Gamban Matt Zarb-Cousin has joined anti-illegal gambling intelligence business Yield Sec as its senior advisor for government affairs.
Yield Sec

Yield Sec founder and CEO Ismail Vali said that, in this role, Zarb-Cousin would mostly focus on helping clients such as governments and regulators understand the risk posed by illegal gambling.

“I am pleased and proud to welcome Matt to the team – across his focus with regulatory and government outreach, I know his insight and experience will help our legal stakeholder clients to understand, combat and defeat the existential threat presented by illegal betting, gaming, and lottery activity, and its insidious impact upon our commerce and communities,” he said.

Yield Sec Senior Advisor for Government and Regulatory Affairs Matt Zarb-Cousin

Zarb-Cousin said that he was “delighted” to be joining the Yield Sec team and that he will look forward to helping legal stakeholders drive out crime that will help safeguard tax revenue lost to unlicensed offerings.

“Yield Sec presents solutions for all legal stakeholders to optimise their positions in the marketplace and allow them to work effectively, together, while shielding and protecting revenue, taxation and consumer safety measures so that legal gambling can deliver benefits for each jurisdiction.”

The campaigner also outlined what he believed was the malign influence of certain stakeholders in the discourse around illegal gambling.

“The debate around online gambling’s black market has for too long been impacted by those with a vested interest in maintaining inefficient licensing and regulatory models, rather than by those who wish to see the contained, commercial marketplace work to the benefit of our commerce and communities,” he said.

Yield Sec

Yield Sec is an actionable intelligence platform that is designed to help the legal industry, government, regulatory agencies and advertisers combat illegal gambling.

The business said that there have been large increases in unregulated and illegal betting activity during the 2022 Fifa World Cup. Yield Sec says that, in many jurisdictions monitored by the platform, black market traffic, engagement and commercial conversion have doubled year-on-year.  

“Matt is known for his forthright and pioneering viewpoints and work across tech and the public good,” said Vali. “Where he and I found shared thinking on Yield Sec is upon the sole partisan line that our platform holds sacred: the line separating all legal stakeholders in a regulated jurisdiction from criminal, black-market infiltration.”

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