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iGB Pentasia Salary Survey: The power of company values

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Company values are far more than words. They could be the decisive factor in a candidate choosing your business over another, writes Pentasia's Sarah Kane.

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In today’s fiercely competitive recruitment landscape, company values can be a defining factor that distinguishes one company from the next. This is a key area we’ll be focusing on in this article for the iGB Pentasia Salary Survey.

Candidates scrutinise potential employers for cultural fit and ethical alignment. As a result, having clearly defined and passionately upheld values can be a powerful proposition.

Of course, this is only true if your company values are authentic. Candidates can also easily discern whether a company’s values are simply words on a website or an actual driving force in its daily operations. So, it’s not merely about having values; it’s about living them. Which is what we
do at Pentasia.

Growth is the goal at Pentasia

Our mission at Pentasia and the Conexus Group is to facilitate growth for our clients. To achieve this, we are committed to developing long-term strategic partnerships. The aim is to transcend the typical transactional approach that many recruitment providers practice.


We also share our company values with the entire Conexus Group – not just at Pentasia. That’s because we work collaboratively across the group to support our clients. Therefore, it is essential that we are aligned.

The values we focus on at Pentasia and the wider Conexus Group are:

● Think laterally
● Value relationships over transactions 
● Create time
● Know your stuff deeply

Why should our values be important to you? Because we understand that in the world of recruitment, it’s not just about filling positions. It’s about finding the right fit that supports growth and evolution.

This means we’re not just finding you a candidate. We’re finding you a future leader, a collaborator and someone who aligns with your vision.

By embodying our values, we foster a workplace culture that drives innovation. Most importantly, it also builds trust and elevates the quality of service we provide to clients and colleagues alike.

Sarah Kane is chief people officer for Pentasia’s parent company The Conexus Group.

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