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ANJ to implement “action plan” on marketing after Euros criticism

| By Marese O'Hagan
France's gaming regulator L'Autorité nationale des Jeux (ANJ), has announced plans to continually monitor gaming activity in the country after its UEFA Euro 2020 advertising crackdown.
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The body announced the action plan as it released a report detailing its first year as France’s first gambling regulatory body. It officially took up that role in June of last year.

The plan consists of five projects, which were announced on July 21, and are based on ANJ’s promise to combat the gambling advertising “abuses” committed during the Euros.

As a result, ANJ plans to focus strongly on advertising. The regulator warned operators to reduce the volume of Euros gambling ads after it was determined that they were in excess, and that young people were being disproportionally targeted.

This plan will include again reviewing operators’ marketing plans, having done this previously at the start of the year. In addition, it will launch a stakeholder consultation at the start of the school year on advertising, which may lead to the launch of new intervention tools. The ANJ will also issue more “precise and operational” guidelines on advertising before the end of the year.

ANJ also promised to provide clarity on definitions, by aiming to find out what constitutes “reasonable” gambling bonuses and holding a seminar to determine a precise definition on excessive gambling.

In June, ANJ entered a three-year deal with French addiction group OFDT to extend its understanding of addictive gambling behaviours.

In addition to these plans, ANJ outlined the need to address complaints that operators are limiting players’ bets and, as announced before the Euros, will contend the rise of tipster sites with judicial force.

ANJ previously expressed concerns over player protection measures as it suggested improvements to the practice to several licensees in April,