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Kambi: 2018 overview

| By Louella Hughes

In the second video of Kambi’s Freedom campaign, we sat down with CEO Kristian Nylén to discuss some of the major events which shaped 2018. From PASPA in the USA to the reregulation of the Swedish market, Nylén shares key insight from behind the scenes at Kambi.

On the PASPA repeal, Nylén says: “There are some interesting things with the US market where most states will have regulation based on physical casinos, which means the retail channel will become even more important for us and other operators. Not only for the US, I think this will be a big accelerator for the rest of the world when it comes from regulated sports betting.”

All eyes are naturally on Sweden as it moves into the new year, and Nylén anticipates success for strong brands with equally strong products there, saying: “With our large customer in Kindred and our new signing in ATG I think they will surely be two of the leading brands in Sweden for the future.”

In general, the consolidation, marketing openings and compliance pressures reshaped the landscape this year. Kambi has been preparing for this since 2009, says Nylén, commenting: “I think we have put ourselves in the situation to roll out to new regulations pretty much anywhere and I think for operators that's probably where they have to go as well.”

As we continue the forward march into 2019, the focus shifts to continually preparing and developing products to be adaptable, scalable and, of course, successful. Nylén anticipates Kambi will continue its focus on developing a ‘player on demand’ structure to account for what he identifies as an increased demand for instant gratification.

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