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Nascar lands BettorView as latest gambling partner

| By Robert Fletcher
Stock car racing series Nascar has signed in-venue sports betting marketing and technology platform BettorView as its latest partner in the gambling industry.

Under the partnership, BettorView will deliver Nascar content at venues located in states where online sports betting is legal and regulated.

This will include showcasing customised Nascar stats, analytics and odds alongside sports betting promotions in restaurants, bars, stadiums and Nascar tracks.

BettorView currently provides on-screen touch technology, brand ambassador activations and digital content marketing to more than 1,000 in-venue screens across the US, though the deal with Nascar marks its first partnership with a professional sports league.

“This collaboration will allow us to deliver Nascar-specific content to a massive number of people actively engaged with sports betting,” Nascar’s managing director for sports betting, Joe Solosky, said.

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