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PointsBet debuts suspension-free “always on” live betting

| By Nosa Omoigui
Sports betting operator PointsBet has become the first operator in the US to deploy suspension-free in-game betting, doing so during an NFL match between between the Las Vegas Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals.
PointsBet debuts in-game betting product during NFL broadcast

PointsBet’s “always on” feature underwent a successful test during the NBC broadcast of the fixture. It provided live betting markets to customers on the point spread and game winner without any suspensions in which bets could not be taken.

The technology to achieve this came about as a result of PointsBet’s acquisition of Dublin-based data provider Banach Technology in March 2021. The deal was completed with a view to integrating more advanced in-play betting technology into PointsBet’s sports betting offering.

PointsBet USA CEO Johnny Aitken said: “When we acquired Banach Technology, it was with a precise focus to build toward an ‘always on’ in-game betting technology experience at PointsBet. That proprietary technology has been developed quicker than we expected since our acquisition, so we tested it out to its full extremity for an NFL playoff game.

“During NBC’s Saturday playoff game, our customers experienced 100% uptime and no suspensions on in-game spread and moneyline bets, which we believe to be the first ever result of this kind in the US. While this test focused on the spread and moneyline markets, it also showed a glimpse into the future of where we can take our technology over time and offer a completely differentiated experience when betting in-play with PointsBet.”

PointsBet recently launched online and mobile sports betting in the state of Virginia, in addition to signing a multi-year deal with the University of Maryland Athletics organisation.

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