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Stats Perform to launch Opta Vision

| By Zak Thomas-Akoo
Sports data and analytics company Stats Perform has announced its new live Opta Vision data feeds for the 2022-23 football season, which will deliver a new series of football metrics.

In combining Opta event data with new tracking data, Opta Vision will provide insights to professional teams.

From this the Stats Perform also aims to deliver new storyline opportunities for broadcasters and publishers.

“We are very excited to be introducing the next generation of Opta data to our customers,” said Nancy Hensley, chief product officer at Stats Perform.

“By synchronising event and tracking data and then utilising our AI capabilities to generate enriched insights, we will be empowering performance analysis departments at teams, as well as a broadcaster’s production team, to identify new performance trends and tell great stories of the game.”

The merged data also uses Stat Perform’s Qwinn AI intelligence to generate more data outputs and deliver a more personalised experience to users.

The company’s new predictive metrics include pass prediction outputs, which are trained on millions of data points, as well as new information related to dynamic changes in a team’s shape during a match.

Opta Vision’s tracking data leverages Stats Perform’s computer vision technology to harvest data from a remote video source, which will add on to stadium feeds installed at match venues.

Other data points, including a new qualifier on passes to indicate when a player completes a line-breaking pass, will also be released as part of the initial Opta Vision feed.

“The use of tracking data has grown over recent years, but the outputs have been limited to simple metrics such as distance covered,” Jens Melvang, senior project manager at Stats Perform said.

“By merging our tracking data with the best event data in football, we’re able to deliver accurate and insightful metrics which give a more complete view of what’s happening on the pitch.”

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