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Video interview: Dr. Armin Sageder, CEO, Playtech BGT Sports

| By Hannah Gannage-Stewart | Reading Time: < 1 minute
Integration tops priority list for Playtech BGT Sports chief executive officer Dr. Armin Sageder

Playtech BGT Sports chief executive officer Dr Armin Sageder said integration is top of his priority list after selling 90% of the shares from his company Best Gaming Technology to Playtech last year.

Sageder now heads up Playtech’s entire sports vertical, with a team of more than 700 people making up, in his words, the “powerhouse in sports betting technology”.

In an exclusive interview with iGB at ICE Totally Gaming earlier this month, he said in the 10 months since the acquisition he has been bringing the vast team of Swedish, English, German, Austrian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian BGT staff under one culture to create “one vision and one motivated group out of it”.

Despite building BGT up as a successful business over the last 12 years, Sageder said it lacked digital expertise before the integration with Playtech.

“Playtech, coming from digital casino, brings customer segmentation, CRM, and affiliate marketing – we’re getting knowledge base together and adding the features which were not there before or even coupling the architectures of the system, which gives us a unique advantage,” he explained.

Dubbing Playtech the “home of omnichannel” gaming, Sageder said sports betting was an unlimited market, which continued to grow.

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