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Clarion Gaming announces deal with Kate Chambers’ Fulwood Media

| By Daniel O'Boyle
Clarion Gaming has retained Fulwood Media, the new consulting and media agency launched by Kate Chambers, to advise Clarion on its global strategy and industry relationships.
Kate Chambers

Fulwood was founded by Chambers after more than a decade as managing director of Clarion Gaming. Clarion will be Fulwood’s inaugural client, after Chambers spent the last six months working to set the business up.

“I’m delighted to launch Fulwood Media and to confirm Clarion Gaming as my first account,” she said.

“Relationships are essential in any industry, and the international gaming community is absolutely built on them. Continuing now to use those contacts that I have developed over the last 12 years will enable me to support the industry that I love through the work with Clarion on both ICE and iGB as well as through my own projects. That will be something that will give me immense pleasure.

“Continuing to guide these iconic industry brands through what will still be a difficult time is something that I am really looking forward to and I am delighted to help ensure that the market can lean on the support of ICE and IGB when they need it. I am proud to be working with the new leadership team at Clarion Gaming and with the global market.”

Clarion Gaming managing director Alex Pratt said Chambers’ long-standing connections within the global gaming industry would help ensure Clarion can continue to meet the industry’s needs going forward.

“We operate in incredibly dynamic times and we want to do everything that we can to ensure the steps that we take and our direction of travel resonates with all sections of the industry throughout the world,” Pratt said.

“Kate will help us to achieve that and I am delighted to have Fulwood on our side and part of the team working across all of our brands.”

Fulwood will operate alongside Clarion’s long-serving PR agency Scott & Jones.

Last week, Clarion announced a new collaboration with esports data company Abios, which will see the Stockholm-based provider sponsor the esports sections on iGaming Business and ICE365.com. This followed the announcement of a partnership with analytics specialists Esports Charts to launch a new esports betting calendar.

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