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Gambling.com Group launches Casinos.com

| By Dan Kleiner
Gambling.com Group has announced the launch of a new domain, Casinos.com, which will target international audiences.

The new website will continue to operate under the same business model that Gambling.com Group holds.

Casinos.com was purchased by the affiliate in 2022, but this is the first time a full-service website has been launched with that domain.

The site will feature content on the casino industry, as well as offer free-to-play casino games, strategy guides from casino professionals and videos and interviews.

Charles Gillespie, CEO of Gambling.com Group, believes that the addition “affords us the opportunity to build a new powerhouse international flagship brand alongside Gambling.com, as we leverage our existing teams, technology and expertise.

“When we rebuilt Gambling.com in 2011 we had to start from scratch and build out all the necessary technology systems to support it,” the CEO added.

“With Casinos.com we were able to leverage our mature platform and start with a focus directly on our users and the Casinos.com product.”

Gillespie went on to say that the acquisition marks “a transformational initiative and strategic priority that we believe will drive significant organic growth as we position Casinos.com as the category-defining brand for the global casino market.”

Gambling.com Group recently announced a new media partnership with The Independent, giving it access to the UK media publisher’s audience.

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