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iGB Introducing to facilitate “thousands” of meetings at iGB Affiliate London

| By Daniel O'Boyle
Clarion Gaming will launch iGB Introducing, a new initiative to help facilitate meetings at iGB Affiliate London.

The initiative is designed to connect attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and suppliers that will be attending iGB Affiliate London 2023. Clarion said it expects the tool to facilitate “thousands” of meetings.

Naomi Barton, portfolio director responsible for the iGB events brand, said Clarion launched the new initiative following research that showed many attendees at the 2022 show were looking for a way to facilitate more meetings.

“iGB Introducing is a considered response to the findings of our post-show research conducted among stakeholders attending the 2022 show,” he said. “From our perspective research is all about identifying gaps and then providing creative solutions to meet the needs of our customers. 

“The independent research which was conducted by Explori found that while iGB Affiliate London scored extremely well with visitors and exhibitors alike there was a need to help facilitate and encourage new connections and relationships. While nearly 7 out of 10 attendees met new customers, partners and suppliers as a result of iGB Affiliate London there is significant appetite for more connections to identify products, solutions, industry trends and establish new business relationships. 

Barton added that the connection process will begin in the coming weeks ahead of the event on 8-11 February.

“The journey of connections will start in mid-January using the Swapcard App and culminates on site courtesy of the iGB Introducing networking hub and the numerous business and social networking events which are a central part of the iGB Affiliate London experience,” she said.

iGB Introducing will involve four steps. Attendees may first create an online profile on Swapcard, then they may select meeting targets, before they can review and accept meetings, with the final step being to meet their connections in signposted areas at the show.

Participants can click here to join the list for iGB Introducing.

“The 2023 edition of iGB Affiliate London will be the biggest on record and as the show continues to grow it’s imperative that we help visitors and exhibitors by providing curated networking opportunities which connect the numerous audiences whose support has helped to make iGB Affiliate London the pre-eminent global live event in the igaming affiliate space,” Barton said. “iGB Introducing is part of that ongoing commitment.”

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