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Bacta completes restructure as new national council confirmed

| By Robert Fletcher
Amusement machine industry body Bacta has confirmed its new national council, effectively completing a major restructure of the organisation.
Bragg Whyte CCO

The 11-person national council will feature individuals from across the industry as well as several members from Bacta.

Members include Peter Davies of Inspired Leisure Division, Tony Boulton from Merkur UK and Elizabeth Speed of Novomatic UK. Dean Harding of Harry Levy Amusements, UDC’s Jonathan Lauder and Godden Gaming Organisation Jeremy Godden are also members.

They join newly appointed Bacta national president John Bollom and vice-president Joseph Cullis. Former national presidents Nick Harding, Greg Wood and James Miller complete the board.

“I am absolutely delighted to confirm the make-up of our new national council,” Bollom said. “I believe it has the experience, the vision and the energy to drive the trade association forward and represent the industry at this critical stage following publication of the white paper.”

Bollom oversees restructure at Bacta

In February 2022, Bollom was asked to report on and recommend a new structure for the organisation. Proposals were ratified after four previous recommendations failed to win the required backing of members.

“The benchmark I used was assessing Bacta’s ability to respond to future challenges and to future opportunities,” Bollom said. “To be totally effective in its representation of the membership it was clear Bacta required a new streamlined, unhindered and progressive structure aligned to a cabinet of talents.

“I think those elements are now in place and we can move forward in pursuit of our overarching objectives. These are to be a results-driven organisation which embraces new ideas, is representative of the industry and which actively encourages participation from all sectors of Bacta’s membership.”

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