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Taking your brand global: How PIN-UP Global has harnessed the power of strategic growth

| By Laura Gumbrell | Reading Time: 7 minutes
The igaming industry's relentless pursuit of global expansion is met with a myriad of challenges, from regulatory intricacies to cultural disparities. Now, operators must navigate complex frameworks, adapt to diverse cultures, invest in technology, and distinguish themselves from competitors if they wish to succeed on a global stage. In this dynamic landscape it is essential to work with experts in every region - and one such representative of the market is PIN-UP Global.

The igaming industry, with its dynamic and ever-evolving nature, is continuously seeking avenues for global expansion. According to The Gambling Commission, in November 2023 there was a recorded gross gambling yield of £6.5bn in the online sector alone. This represents a 2.8% increase on April 2021 to March 2022 and a 13.3% increase on the last pre-lockdown period of April 2019 to March 2020.

This projection highlights the incredible opportunity up for grabs in igaming, but while it’s clear that the potential for growth is immense, venturing into new territories is riddled with challenges. Regulatory hurdles, cultural differences, and varying consumer behaviours are just a few of the obstacles that companies face when expanding into new jurisdictions.

Going global isn’t as simple as picking a country and offering it out to players. It’s a complex landscape that requires operators to navigate regulatory frameworks, adapt to diverse cultures, invest in technology, and differentiate themselves from competitors already in the space.

With the right strategies and a keen understanding of the global market, however, operators can overcome these challenges and retain the necessary stamina for globalised success. Marina Ilina, owner of PIN-UP brand and СEO at PIN-UP Global, discusses how partnering with the right business  can propel expansion, exploring what key milestones you should be hitting in your strategy to be the next industry success story. 

Powering ahead with PIN-UP Global

Innovative businesses like PIN-UP Global are leading the charge in transforming the igaming landscape. PIN-UP Global is an international ecosystem of businesses in various segments covering the full cycle of products and services for the gaming industry, including software development, customer care, management, marketing, legal and financial support, etc. PIN-UP Global has strategically positioned itself as a key player in the global market.

With a commitment to providing a seamless and engaging gaming experience, PIN-UP Global has successfully expanded its operations to multiple countries, ready to help operators overcome the challenges that often accompany international growth.

PIN-UP Global is currently home to more than 2,500 professionals, spanning a global footprint of nine different offices split across 7 countries including Armenia, Cyprus, Peru, Poland, India and two in each of Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

With a commitment to providing high-quality services and products and being a market leader, the PIN-UP Global ecosystem has successfully expanded its operations to multiple countries, always open to partnerships As Ilina says, “We provide not only consulting services in the field of business, market entry, marketing, legal, financial support and much more, but also the opportunity for operators to use our own key developments.”

Offering the latest in tech

PIN-UP is a full-cycle ecosystem made up of fully personalised in-house products and services. From software development, customer service, management to innovative marketing and expert legal and financial support, the ecosystem  is a one-stop-shop for industry.

The technological infrastructure required is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges for market representatives looking to grow. They need to be able to invest in robust and scalable technology solutions to ensure a seamless user experience across different regions. This includes having reliable server infrastructure, efficient payment gateways, and adaptable systems that can handle increased traffic and meet the diverse needs of players worldwide.

If any of these essential pillars collapse, the aftermath can be catastrophic, noted recently by the rapid growth in cyber-attacks. In fact cyber attacks in the industry are increasing by a reported 1,000% annually, costing operators millions for every breach.

Central to PIN-UP Global’s success is user safety and commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology, and as part of this treasured offering, and in the face of ongoing threat, cybersecurity is the crown jewel. 

As part of its advanced security offering the team have prioritised that extra layer of protection for operators. Security. PIN-UP’s architecture takes into account security and personal data protection aspects — information about users is depersonalized and stored in encrypted form in databases such as Aerospike and ArangoDB. As Ilina says, “Protecting the personal data of our users around the world is one of our most important tasks.”

Also PIN-UP Ecosystem has developed their own anti-fraud tools to automate as many risk management and anti-fraud processes as possible. The Anti-fraud tools project by PIN-UP.TECH combines traditional anti-fraud rules with advanced technologies such as machine learning to achieve the highest efficiency and reliability.

The new tools boast state-of-the-art anti-fraud measures to ensure a safe gaming environment for users and operators worldwide. “Our unique anti-fraud tool  completely changes the approach to fighting fraud in the online gambling market. It meets all the demands of the times and industry trends by incorporating advanced technology to achieve high efficiency and reliability.”

The nuances of different nations in igaming

Of course, a powerful gambling ecosystem  and technology to back is one thing, but true success requires a nuanced understanding of the cultural, social, and economic differences that characterise each nation.

Ilina emphasises the importance of cultural sensitivity to the team at PIN-UP Global, saying it is the team’s first port of call when entering new markets with its clients. Understanding local customs, traditions, and gaming preferences enables operators to tailor their offering in a way that resonates with the target audience. 

For the team, they believe it is their unified approach across the globe that fosters a deeper connection with players, building trust and brand loyalty. After all, Ilina says it is of the utmost importance to her team that they understand what the customer wants before building out a strategy.

Before venturing into any new market, PIN-UP  is encouraged to conduct thorough market research. “This involves understanding the unique characteristics of the target audience, identifying key competitors, and adapting marketing strategies to suit local preferences. Localisation of content, including language, graphics, and themes, are all key components of this strategy.”

Finding a partner that offers a collaborative approach while focusing on the product’s success is what differentiates PIN-UP Global from competitors, and that’s something Ilina wants to offer even as the igaming industry continues to grow. 

“Our goal is diversity of the product line, that’s what leads to the expansion to new offices. It is also important for us not just to increase the number of offices, but also to diversify our own product line – which our team is also doing a great job with.”

“We study consumer behaviour and assess the prospects for development in these countries first and foremost.”

Emerging markets in the limelight

While cultural nuances play a crucial role in the success stories of operators, what works in one region may not resonate with consumers in another. From language preferences to gaming

preferences, operators need to tailor their strategies to align with the cultural context of each target market. Failure to do so can result in a disconnect with players and hinder the establishment of a strong brand presence. 

This customisation is crucial for winning over players and creating a successful presence in new territories, and PIN-UP is doing just that. In its latest move to intercept new jurisdictions, in December 2023 it opened the doors to its first office in India, in the city of Jaipur.

“The opening of the new office emphasises our commitment to strengthening our ties with partners around the world and is a strategic business decision for the development of PIN-UP,” commented Ilina.

Regulation is the word

As gambling continues to be regulated at a varying pace across the world, understanding the legal nuances continues to be a hot topic for operators. Part of knowing how to personalise its offering to new territories is understanding the legal and regulatory framework – including the complex web of regulations that differ from one region to another. 

Each country has its own set of rules governing online gambling, ranging from licensing requirements to restrictions on certain types of games. This intricate regulatory landscape demands a comprehensive understanding and adaptability to ensure compliance while maximising market penetration.

Navigating the complex regulatory landscape is a critical aspect of global expansion in the igaming industry. PIN-UP Global recognises the significance of compliance and provides operators with the tools and guidance needed to navigate diverse regulatory frameworks.

To help operators stay on the right side of the law, PIN-UP Global offers comprehensive compliance assistance. Ilina says that this offering “includes regular updates on regulatory changes, legal consultations, and support in obtaining the necessary licences for operating in different jurisdictions. By staying abreast of regulatory developments, operators can mitigate legal risks.”

She continues, “Depending on the requests, such solutions can either be adapted to regional requirements or developed specifically for a particular region, but they always strictly comply with the legislation of these countries and comply with all rules and regulations.” 

No time to stand still in this industry: PIN-UP Investments

As part of its 2024 strategy, PIN-UP Global has furthered its offering with the launch of PIN-UP.INVESTMENTS, a new direction that invests in projects and products related to AI and software development. This initiative aims to drive technological development in the gambling market and related industries. Ilina says, “This year, we have started the transition to working with big-date and prediction of user behaviour, which allows us to customise user flow.”

“PIN-UP.INVESTMENTS, will invest in projects and products in the field of gambling, traffic, software development, AI, customer service, payment systems, advertising platforms, arbitrage teams at the expense of resources and activities of the ecosystem. We believe that this direction will drive the development of technology in the gambling market and related industries.”

Upwards growth trajectory for its operators 

In the ever-expanding igaming industry, going global undoubtedly presents challenges, but the opportunity presented when operators are able to establish a strong and sustainable presence in international markets is huge. 

Businesses like PIN-UP Global are at the forefront of facilitating this global expansion, providing services  that embraces diversity and encourages operators to adapt their strategies to different regions. By addressing the challenges through technological innovation, regionalised content, and compliance assistance, Ilina and her team exemplifies the power of strategic partners.

And as operators partner up with PIN-UP Global to embrace these solutions, the potential for success in the global market becomes not just a possibility, but a tangible reality.

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