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Bolton Wanderers FC opts out of gambling sponsorship

| By Marese O'Hagan
Bolton Wanderers FC and its charity, Bolton Wanderers in the Community, have joined the Against the Odds campaign, which aims to end gambling sponsorship and advertising in sports.
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As part of the commitment, Bolton Wanderers FC and Bolton Wanderers in the Community have signed up to the Against the Odds charter, meaning that they will not partner with, or accept sponsorship from, gambling operators from now on.

The groups will also develop and enforce policies to address gambling harm, raise awareness of problem gambling at their events, and refrain from offering gambling incentives as player awards.

“Gambling addiction can have a devastating effect on individuals and their families and communities and that’s why Bolton Wanderers Football Club is pledging our formal support of the pioneering Against the Odds campaign by signing their charter,” said Sharon Brittan, chair of Bolton Wanderers.

​​“As a club we are proud of the role we play in our community and, along with Bolton Wanderers in the Community, we will continue to be a driving force in supporting the health and well-being of all the residents of our town.”

The charter consists of three commitments: control, influence and adapt. These relate to different areas of gambling sponsorship and advertising and what power groups have to address them.

“A huge congratulations to Bolton Wanderers FC and Bolton Wanderers in the Community for embracing the Against the Odds campaign and pioneering a future for sport that is free from gambling sponsorship and advertising,” said Michael Viggars, project manager at Healthy Stadia and campaign lead for Against the Odds.

“With Bolton Wanderers leading the way in Greater Manchester and nationally, we believe we can start a movement to end gambling sponsorship in sport and prevent thousands of fans and their families from experiencing harm.”

In September last year, Bolton Wanderers announced it would no longer accept betting partnerships, or allow any on-site betting at its stadium.

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